Why Learn to Dance

Wanted to learn a new skill? Watched Strictly Come Dancing and thought you might like to try? Fed up of not being able to get up and dance at social events? Here are the top reasons why we think you should learn to dance. 

Lots of Fun!

Our friendly instructors and carefully crafted classes means that all you have to do is come along and enjoy yourself. Dancing can be a great way to express yourself as you come to be more comfortable and find the dances you like. It can also be a way to release tension of a stressful way and help you to relax

Make New Friends And Be Sociable!

When you join a class, you can add another event to your social calendar. You will meet new people and make lot's of new friends as everyone is at the same level as you so you will have the chance to progress together as a group. If you would prefer to learn with private lessons, you will meet a friendly instructor and learn a skill that you will be able to use in the future. You will also have the opportunity to come along to a social night to practice what you have learnt, as well as being able to come to our special events that feature live bands and top class demonstrations from some of the World's top couples.

Stay Fit And Healthy!

There is no better form of exercise then dancing. Not only can you achieve physical benefits but also improve general well-being. Dance is a great way to lose weight as we use all our body when we are dancing. It helps to improve core strength and muscle tone as well as helping to improve stamina.

Learn A Skill For Life!

Never be shy about getting up onto that dance floor again! Once you learn to dance, you will have a skill that many people wished they could do. You can even take the next step and take a medal test with us, so that you can show off your achievements and be proud of what you have achieved!


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