When you start your dance lessons it can sometimes feel like we are talking a completely different language. Well here are a few words to help you decipher what we are saying.

a. The position that the foot or feet are pointing in relation to the room.
b. It may also refer to the tracking of the foot in relation to the other foot or the Partner's foot.
c. Use Facing or Backing when the feet and body are in line and Pointing when the foot is in a  different alignment to the body 

A movement consisting of three steps, the feet always being closed on the second step. 

Line of Dance
An imaginary line of progression moving in an anti-clockwise direction around the room. 

The part or parts of the foot that make contact with the floor whilst dancing. It should be noted that in Waltz, Foxtrot and Quickstep the terms "Toe" and "Heel" are used. The term "Toe" is intended to include the "Ball" of the foot. A step forward is given as "Heel", although it is understood that the whole foot is then used. It is not necessary to say "Heel" then "Flat". An important rule to remember is that when a foot closes to the other foot from a side position it will close with the Toe in contact with the floor. 

Man:- Stand in an upright position, body braced at waist, with the weight held forward towards the balls of the feet, shoulders relaxed and head erect. The knees should be held very slightly flexed.

Lady:- Stand in upright position, body braced at waist, upper part of body and head poised slightly back and a little to the left. Weight held over the balls of the feet with knees held very slightly flexed. 

Promenade Position
A position where the Man's right side ( hip ) and the Lady's left side ( hip ) are in contact and the opposite side of the body turned outward to form a 'V' shape position. 

The regular occurrence of accented and unaccented beats which give character to the music or the dance. 

Rise and Fall
The upward lift and lowering which is felt through the body, legs and feet. 

Side Leading
Taking the same side of the body either forward or backward with the moving foot. 

Sway is the inclination of the body away from the moving foot and towards the inside of the turn, for example, step 2 of the Waltz Natural Turn.

The speed of the music measured in bars per minute. 

Time Signature
The number of beats in each bar of music. 

Definitions credit to the N.A.T.D Ballroom Technique Book


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