20 July 2022 In Latest News

Blackpool holds a very special place in the hearts of ballroom dancers. There isn’t a World Champion or Strictly star who hasn’t Waltzed their way across the Empress Ballroom floor on their route to success. This is why The Regency Dance Centre was very excited to take a group of students to compete in the NATD (National Association of the Teachers of Dance) Medalist of the Year Grand Finals. 

19 May 2022 In News

Anyone who has been dancing for some time will tell you, that there is always room for improvement and progression. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the ballroom or a seasoned professional you can continue to learn and grow from others. 

Here at The Regency Dance Centre, we strive to provide a high-quality experience for all our dancers, as such we endeavour to stretch ourselves, get fresh ideas, and take on board tricks and tips from some of the best dancers in the industry. Last Sunday Andrew Dunn and Paula Hyde had the opportunity to attend an NATD lecture day so we could bring back what we had learned and share our knowledge with our students.


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