Dancing is a fun and sociable activity and there is nothing better, in our opinion, than letting go with your body and dancing your troubles away. However there can be a few things that can stop this from being the best feeling. It might be that you struggle to rememebr the steps or that particular turn doesn't feel very easy. In any case, there are a few things that can help. 

 1. Take a Private Lesson

This is by far the best way to improve your dancing very quickly. Private lessons allow you to work with a teacher in either 1/2hour or 1hr sessions and they can be taken either solo or with a partner. Because everyone is different, not everyone will be good at the same things and therefore each of us will have different strengths and 'sticking points' with our dancing. A private lesson allows you to focus on developing your strengths and work through anything that may be holding back your dancing.

Private lessons are also a great route to take if you are considering a medal test or thinking about competitive  dancing and are available during the dayimte, the evening or on a Saturday. 

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2. Practice, Practice, Practice!  

If you struggle to remember your routines, then nothing is better than practice. If you are short on time, you can practice that Cha Cha Cha basic during the commerical breaks in your lounge. You could arrive slighly earlier to your lesson and practice your Waltz turn. Better yet, our Friday Night Social has a warm and friendly atmosphere, a large dance floor and some excellent music for you to dance to. 

3. Use Your Dancing at Special Events

Learning to dance in a class can be a great activity by itself. However sharing the experience with friends can be even better.  Leading up to the event, you can stay motivated by giving yourself a target to dance at the next ball. Whilst at the event, you can experience the amazing feeling of dancing at a social event that will spur you on to learn more!

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