We are always looking for ways to improve the quality of The Regency Ballroom and the service we provide. However we are aware that we cannot do this alone. We would also love to get your opinions and expertise on how we can make the ballroom better for our customers and for our community.


We have already received several hours of volunteer work from our customers and we are extremely grateful for the hard work and effort that has helped make the ballroom a success. However, we still have a large wish list that we cannot complete without your help.

The 'Friends of the Regency' scheme is a volunteer group that can contribute their skills and knowledge to making improvements to the ballroom, from plumbing and joinery, to planning and organising events and deciding the future of the dance school. It does not matter what skills or knowledge you have as everyone will be made to feel welcome, including customers and parents, friends, teachers and supporters of The Regency Dance Centre.

The Regency Dance Centre has already made a huge difference to many people's lives and we love hearing all the positive changes that have been a result of their decision to join the school. We have had great success from our competitive couples with both adults and children returning with well deserved trophies. We are also getting lots of interest regarding booking the venue for private parties, weddings and charitable events.

If yo wish to become involved, please sign up to our website using the link below and join the group 'Friends of the Regency'. We will then post the dates of meetings and project days as well as a list of tasks that we need help to complete.





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