So you've been having some lessons and you are now wondering how you can make your dancing better. There are a few ways you can make immediate changes to your dancing that will not only make your dancing look better, but will actually make it EASIER. 

Here are our 7 top tips for improving your dancing:

1. Know your routines

Okay, I know this seems obvious, but it is useful to know more then what direction your feet are going. Try and learn the objective of each move, for example, are you trying to move down the room or are you trying to rotate around your partner? Try learning the names of each figure you do as this can sometimes help you decide (e.g. a Natural Spin Turn is a turning figure). 

2. Work on your frame

A strong frame can help you to better lead your partner and maintain control over your own body. It will also help you to stay more with your partner to help you avoid bumping knees! 

3. Improve your timing

There is nothing worse than seeing a dancer that is not in time. Try and be very clear on the timing of your steps and how they fit to the music. You can count in numbers or sounds, as long as you can understand and follow along! Try saying your timing out loud and make sure that your feet also move at the same time as your mouth! 

4. Stregthen your core

This is a big one. Whether you are dancing a Ballroom or Latin-American dance, good posture is a must. A strong core has many benefits including a better frame, improved balance, more control of the legs and feet and many more!  A plank is a great place to start and it is easy to find many more exercises from a quick Google search. 

5. Make notes

We all forget things every now and again so it is useful to make notes after your lesson. You could consider buying a small notebook to put in your dance bag or use the notes app on your phone. Record all the tips your teacher has told you and make a note of which dance you are currently studying at the top of the page for quick reference. 

6. Practice, Practice, Practice! 

Repetition is key to retaining what you have learnt.  Repetition is key to retaining what you have learnt. Got it? :) We run regular practice nights and events 

7. Book a private lesson

A private lesson is tailored to your individual needs so that you can work on what is holding YOU back from progressing. We each have our own sticking points and our insturctors can provide tuition to suit your way of learning.

Bonus: Enjoy your dancing! 

It is so easy to get caught up in a series of steps, routines and technique that we forget that the purpose of dancing is to enjoy it and have fun! Always smile and be patient with yourself. You might have a bad day but always remember that each day you start afresh. 

We hope these tips will help you to improve your dancing and we look forward to seeing you at the lessons and practices!



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