The word “Technique” is often seen as an intimidating word when mentioned to most social dancers. The belief is that technique is “not relevant to my goals” and is “only for competitors, looking to become champions”. Although it is true that we study dance technique to enhance our performance, there are many reasons you should improve your technique. 

Here are 3 reasons why everyone should learn technique:

1. Prevent Injury –This is a very important reason to study good technique! There are many times in dancing where good technique is required to give each dancer enough space to move freely. By developing how to move your arms and the position of your body in relation to your partner, you can also help to avoid any flying arms that may strike your partner’s head (Yes, this has happened to us all!). Good technique is also important for our general health and good posture and alignment can assist to reduce pressure on your back and hips and help to prevent further injury such as ankle sprains.

2. Make Your Dancing Easier!- By developing an understanding of proper technique, it can help to fix a whole range or problems that you may be experiencing when you are dancing. For example, if you find that you are unable to maintain your own balance and relying on your partner to keep you upright you may want to further study your personal posture and the couple’s hold. Maybe your knees and feet collide when dancing? You can study the different body contact positions and study how to use the legs and the feet more efficiently to develop movement.

3. Improve Your Confidence – The goal of most social dancers is to feel confident on the dance floor. By learning the fundamental actions in each dance, you will be able to gain the confidence to execute your dancing with flair and passion and enjoy the experience of this wonderful art form without being nervous of what others may think.

If you want to improve your dance technique and learn more about all the great benefits it has for your dancing, you can sign up to our weekly Adult Technique Class for just £5 per device!

Click the link here to view our online class registration page! 

 Don’t forget to check back soon for our next post about what areas of technique we recommend you study when you are starting to learn to dance Ballroom and Latin-American. 


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